Sunday, March 4, 2012

as a follow up from my most recent, silly post i will tell you that i learned why the lorax is all about lately.  nina was telling me that she and tyler were taking their kids to see the lorax.  the conversation ensued and i quickly realized that there was a movie in the theaters...the lorax.  gee whiz, i'm so out of the loop!  that's what happens when you forget to check out current events cause you're too wrapped up in your happy little  pinterest world.  time to do other things brooke.


my poor step-dad broke his hip yesterday.  is that not so horrible?  poor guy fell off a ladder and crashed down onto his hip.  surgery went well though and he was blessed to not have it be replaced.  we're hoping to go see him tomorrow at the hospital.

wyatt is on all fours lately too.  it's so cute to see him push up onto his hands and bring his knees under his torso.  he'll rock back and forth a bit too.  so totally adorable.  i say, take your time wyatt!  no rush.  mommy has yet to baby-proof the apartment and could really use some more time just enjoying your plump little laziness.

here's to a new week with goodness coming our way!

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Kierst said...

Wow. Even I knew about the Lorax movie! That's saying a lot. Anyway, I hope Mike's recovering well! I'm glad he's okay!