Tuesday, March 6, 2012

little ballerina

chloe has thoroughly enjoyed her time as a ladybug ballerina, but that time is coming to a close.  it was short-lived, no doubt.  the fact is, we want her and sienna to be good swimmers.  after all, we will be living our summers each year at the beach and in the ocean.  i want them to be strong.  soooo...we are done with dance and will be starting swim in april.  we will be dancing again later, for sure.


cute chloe in her ballet and tap class

"suuuuu-per girlssss!!!"

tap time!

chloe's teacher, miss tiffany gets into the disco feel of the tap dance.  oh yeeeeah!


Ev said...

LOVE my bug!!

Maren Leavitt said...

That class looks adorable!

The costumes and the teacher looks like it'd be a fun class too!

Lissy said...

How fun! Love their dresses! Lily's latest career aspiration is ballerina, but she has a limited knowlegde of them - just like I did when I dreamed about the same thing as a kid :)