Thursday, March 8, 2012

little baby man

that is his newest nick name.  little baby man.  but aren't nick names supposed to be short and easy?  oh well!  i can't believe he is 7 months already.  he is well on his way to manhood.  i wish time would slow down some times.  wyatt and his twenty-two pound body sure give me a work out too.  my left arm and hip are getting good use.  he has been expressing lots of pains with his first top tooth coming in.  that will make three teeth total.  i just pray that this doesn't mean more biting me during feedings.  that is no fun! 

and lately he has been getting quite loud.  it's as if he thinks we don't know he is there.  he competes...getting louder and louder.  my favorite is when he talks back to me.  i'll grunt, and he'll grunt.  back and forth, back and forth.  i find it amazing how quickly babies learn.  if only i learned that quickly.  i'd love to pick up capoeira or tap dance or rock climbing!


Lissy said...

That's my kind of nickname - he is adorable!

Tasha said...

Oh man, he is a cutie! His nickname reminded me of this: