Wednesday, March 21, 2012

chubba wubba

this was my chubby little man just four months ago.  it's hard to believe he is encroaching on the eight month mark.  the chub has not moved elsewhere, nor has it significantly progressed, phew!  he is already on the verge of pure deliciousness.  i just can't take it!

unrelated to squeezable and kissable baby, april is almost upon us!  where is march going at such a fast rate?  i feel like this year is trying to sneak away and hide from me.  i'm always lost in a scheduling blur.  don't you dare ask me to have a playdate or to visit teach or to go do something fun unless i have consulted "the calendar."  yes, the mighty one.  if you do, i will inevitably call you explaining that i didn't realize that so-and-so was doing such-and-such on this day or that.  it really must be true that you lose brain cells while pregnant and especially while nursing.  each suck diminishes an IQ point.  i'm starting to believe it.

or maybe it's just that i'm conversing with my seven-month old all day and night.  yes, the optimal four and six-year-old conversations do come up, but those aren't exactly enlightening.  mooost the time, that is.  i will admit that chloe occasionally baffles me with her words.

example?  the other day stephen took her and sienna on a small puddle-jumping adventure.  this led them to a dirty pathway towards a rope and tire swing in some trees over yonder.  chloe says, "we're heading into deeper terrain!"  no, i don't believe we have any movies that have the word terrain in them, nor do i think we say this....ever.  so the questions is, huh?  chloe is constantly making us ask her to repeat herself, just to make sure we heard her correctly.

last night, after a very frazzling day, she hears me venting to stephen about how tired and stressed i had been that day.  she comes over to me, side hugs me and says, "maybe you shouldn't have any more children mom." dare i take my four-year-olds advice?  though she may have a point after my examples of non-patience that day.  i plead non-sleep.

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Lissy said...

That is a delicious photo! Your kids have the most beautiful eyes :)