Sunday, March 25, 2012

holy windy!

the wind is just going craaazy outside at our place right now.  i'm actually really enjoying it too.  we don't get extreme weather here often, if ever (not that i'd consider this extreme weather, to clarify).  so when a little something gets sent to san diego, we either whine about it or bask in it.  right now?  i'm basking.

so this week i received the pre-ordered purchase of joy the baker's new cookbook and ree drummond's cookbook as well (pioneer woman).  i've already completely paged through joy's book.  same old fun and witty writing in her book as in her blog.  i can't wait to thumb through ree's too!  stephen even made joy's browned butter chocolate chip cookie recipe.  oh the divinity!  just smelling the butter browning was heaven enough, then to put it in the cookie?  ahhh!  it was a-maaaz-ing!

and i'm not gonna lie, i've eaten more than my pants can handle already.  eek!

i won't turn this into, yet another baby post (ie. wyatt).  i realize that i can't help myself in sharing his cuteness and lovable-ness.  buuuut, every once in a while i shall venture.  but, real quick before i venture...he just cut his fourth top tooth yesterday night (yes, his fourth top tooth).  that makes six altogether.  the boy is only seven months old for heaven's sake.  give him (me, okay us!) a break!

okay, moving on!

breast infections are no good.  i repeat, no good.  it's not like this is the first time i've had one, but it has been about six years since i'd had one.  it's like i blocked out the real pain that comes with it.  these things are gnarly!  and my body reacted promptly as it usually does when being attacked with sickness...fever, body aches, cold feet and misery.  the perfect combination for a miserable weekend.  oh, and add that on top of a teething baby.  ugh.

hopefully this week can help and show me some compassion.  we shall see...


Heidi said...

Hang in there, Brooke!

*katie said...

I bought Ree's book this week too! Super excited to get cooking!
And I'm so sorry about the infection--you know I feel your pain!!

beck said...

teeth- always sleepless nights. and i think it gets worse the longer they go on. like me at 3 wks, still hanging in there. sleepless nights at 7 mnths? I would die. and infections are totally they worst! i have already gotten 1 since i've been home. i am hoping that doesnt mean i will be getting them all the time.