Wednesday, March 14, 2012

a pony ride

for christmas the girls received one awesome stocking stuffer from "santa".  he must've heard sienna stating that she wanted a horse for christmas.  ha!  well, santa made do with what she could and found the concord equestrian center in del mar.  yippee!!!

as soon as i was up and at things in life again, we scheduled the rides.  although it was no big horse, the pony was just perfect for our first-timers.  the girls even had their h&m riding pants to wear to the occasion.  too perfect!

wyatt enjoyed the festivities from afar.

the experience started with the girls going down to "pingoleta's" stable to bring her over to be cleaned a bit.  she was not in the best of moods, as we stole her away from lunch.  i can't say i blame her.  every once in a while she would try to bite ximena (pronounced "shi-mena", with sh sounding more like an s an a j being mixed together.  got it?), our gracious pony-riding host.

we wore our pony-riding shoes...oh yes, and then got fitted for helmets.  not surprising was that chloe wore an adult sized helmet, while sienna stuck with the children's helmets.  that chloe, she's always had a well-endowed noggin'.  ;)

sienna went first, as older siblings do.  you know, to show the way and to be brave in front of the younger siblings.  it was good that she did.  i could've sworn i saw some sweat on chloe's brow.  sienna did a great job and really enjoyed her time on the pony.  she even finished the ride off by trotting.  go, sienna!

next up, chloe!  (next post)

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