Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Chloe is such a funny little girl. Of late, she is quite obsessed (understatement) with putting blankets on her head, like a ghost, and walking around. The second the blanket slips off her head, if she can't get it back on, she is at our side saying "up!" (meaning "help"- yes, we're working on that. We're also working on "Sssss", which, in case you really haven't noticed yet, is "please"). So then we place the blanket ever so carefully back on her head. We must make sure that it is just how she likes it, or she'll immediately strip it off and put it back in our hands repeating the infamous "up". If she is pleased she then moves on to Step 2 of blanky-ness.

This video (scratch the wouldn't upload. Have a picture instead) is the aftermath of blanket-placing-on-top-of-head. She then proceeds to lie down on the floor (Step 2), and in this case, lays her "bee-bee" (you can guess what that is) next to her and helps rock the baby (Sienna's cabbage patch doll) to sleep.


Haley said...

awesome! She is such a rockstar, I am so glad you have taught your girls to have great imaginations.

Robin Baker said...

owen is also obsessed with blankies. they are so funny at this age