Tuesday, May 11, 2010

around here

it's hard to believe that i only planted the seeds for my sweet peas 3 weeks ago, because looking at them you'd think it'd been longer.  they've grown incredibly well!  i'm so excited to see them blossom some day and to be able to take in their sweet and pleasant aroma!  a parent at the school i work at is continually bringing some into the front office, and it sure does cheer up the scent in the room.  i'm thinking i probably need to transplant them now into a bigger pot.  this weekend!

now that it's not been as cold, we've been outside with the kids a lot more lately.  it's been great.  we have such a great little neighborhood full of kids the same age as the girls.  even sienna's best friend from school lives in the building just next to ours.  it's so fun to have them come calling at our door to ask if the girls can come out and play.  it reminds me of my childhood, growing up in carlsbad.  i had a lot of little friends that i would play with just like this.  it makes me feel a little old too, to see that my children are old enough to have that start happening.  but i love it.
lia's almost in with the big kids.  she's pretty independant though and is very fun to watch running around outside, doing her thing.

my bubbles are still wearing the irish green necklaces from shawna's homecoming party....every day.  it is their regular jewelry item these days.  looks like i know what i need to buy more of.

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