Saturday, May 8, 2010

remember that?

i was just remembering back to when i stalked ellen degeneres unintentionally after a taping of her show.  yeah, so that sounds a little creepy psycho killer-ish.  but i swear i'm not.  i had just come out from a taping of her show (which was so awesome!  david beckham was there that day!!).  we were in the car, all four of us:  nina, mariah, christy and i.  we had just turned left at a light leading away from the studio and i heard all this screaming behind us.  i realized that ellen was behind us.  so as i turned at the light...she pulled up right next to us.....kind of.  i was in the other lane, and there were about 6 carlengths in front of me.  i wanted to be right next to ellen....just in time to interrupt her cell call (probably to portia) to tell her how much we love her and her show.  she was super gracious and sweet talking back to us and being funny.

makes me want to go to another show.  only problem is, i already tried getting tickets without luck.  

yes, it's a sad ending.

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Brittany said...

That is so cool! I love her show, she is hilarious!!