Thursday, May 13, 2010

t h r e e

we recently celebrated chloe's third birthday.  i seriously can't believe that my baby is three!  time went by way faster than i wanted it to.  and i can't say enough good about my sweet, spunky little bug.  no one has as much giggly-ness, as much attitude, stubborn-ness, silliness, or is as cuddly as my chloe bug.  

a recent, short conversation:
me- "chloe, where's your pants?" (they disappeared from her legs)
chloe- "they're not working" (the r's said as w's, thank you
in other words, she didn't want to wear them anymore, so in her opinion, they're not working, so that she doesn't have to wear them anymore.  smart girl.

so at target about a month ago we were browsing through the toy aisles just looking (not touching...riiiight) at stuff to appease the restless natives, and chloe spots the most beautiful wedding dress-up dress.  immediately "i need it!" was said (she is my daughter after all!), as was "mommy, please can we get it?"  i declined calmly, telling her that maybe she'll get it for her birthday.  surprisingly she was agreeable and said, "oh, okay mommy."

well imagine her pure joy to see that she did indeed get that lovely (and pricey) wedding dress.  it was really our only gift since it was $$, but that was all she needed.  she has worn it every day since.  

her then-current dress was immediately removed and replaced with her new love.  just look at the longing in the girl's face as daddy takes his time removing tags and hangars.  geez!  hurry dad!

she then proceeded to spin around the house, twirling and dancing around.  

h a p p y   b i r t h d a y   c h l o e ! ! ! !

we love you.


flip flop mama said...

Aww how sweet! Happy Birthday Chloe!

Tasha said...

She looks gorgeous. Better not let any boys see her too soon!

Christy said...

Happy Birthday Bug!

*katie said...

Ah, so cute!

Lissy said...

Such a cute girly girl! I love it! Better one gift she'll love and use than a bunch of stuff she'll just toss around that you have to clean up! :)

One Girl and Three Crazy Boys! said...

gosh that girl is adorable! i love that all she wanted was a pretty wedding reminds me of me when i was little and now i just want my own little princess. but for now i will just enjoy pics of yours.

VJBlair said...

Brooke, I just have to say that I love your photos. You really have a great eye.

The Rowe Family said...

Chloe's birthday is on our calendar and we thought of her that day. This story of her pre-wedding wedding dress is so sweet and makes me happy to have a girl! Miss you guys! We are coming to SD the week after memorial day ... let me know if you can hang out!!

Kierst said...

First of all, London has ALL of those same, wonderful traits, as you well know. Secondly, she's looking skinny! When did the chubs go away?

Ashley said...

She's such a cutie, you got some great shots there! Kirsten just turned 3 too! So crazy how fast time goes!