Tuesday, May 25, 2010


i quite often forget certain details about my grandparents and their lives.  for example, that my grandpa was in the navy.  i never remember that!  i'm not sure how long he was in it either.  i don't ever remember him talking about the navy or what he did in it.  maybe a family member can enlighten me?

and isn't my grandma adorable?  i just love her.  she's so extermely huggable!
for the above picture, my guess is that is either my great uncle ralph (my grandpa's brother) or my great grandpa whitaker.  i'm more inclined to believe the first.  but don't you just love that picture?  how bad would it hurt to be in that position?  let alone for months at a time.  it always reminds me of robin hood (the disney movie), of course.  your knees would kill, your neck, back...generally your whole body.  i can't even imagine.

another picture of my grandma.  just because i can't help myself.  i love her too much.  i love everything about this picture.  the hair, the outfit, the curtains in the backround, the old-fashioned washer & dryer.  and i'm pretty sure she's writing in her journal...something she has done every single day for the past 50+ years.  why would i not want to be just like her?


Charlotte said...

Wow. The resemblance to my mom in that first picture of Grandpa is amazing.

Nick said...

Are you sure that picture is not Grandpa? I've always noticed both great grandpa and Ralph's head were smaller than Grandpa's. Thanks for these posts. I always like seeing pictures of them and hearing your thoughts. I wished I grew up closer to Grandpa and paid closer attention to his stories and his life.

brandy said...

I'm with Nick! I think that is Grandpa Gene. Grandpa wasn't in the Navy for very long. He liked talking about his Navy days with Derrick since Derrick is in the Coast Guard. He told him his stories several times. He was on a ship transporting pigs during the World War :)