Tuesday, October 19, 2010

drip drop drip

no bambi in our home these days, but i am certainly enjoying the wonderful rain!!!  i seriously love rain.  this year has been especially wet, and i'm super grateful for it.  i love being cozy, crafty or reading a book while having this weather.  unfortunately, due to circumstantial situations, all i've been doing is reading textbooks or packing.  still....it's not half bad.  at least i'm hearing and smelling the rain, right?  mmmm.....

on another note, i was just looking through old pictures on the computer and came across this one that my sister-in-law, katie, had taken at chloe's first birthday party.  sienna and connley are so little!!  gosh they're cute!  makes me realize how grown up sienna really is now.  i can't believe she'll be five in a few months.  unreal!

and then, there's this one.

no. words.

ok, maybe just a few:  double chin.  adorable pudge.  YUM.  love.


flip flop mama said...

You're moving again? Where to?

Heidi said...

How cute!!

I loathe packing. I refuse to move ever again.

(Well, unless someone gives me a much larger house as a surprise gift.)