Wednesday, October 20, 2010

toys today

no, this is not a post about how different or disappointing or unoriginal toys are today.  it's not about what toys are best or what is coming for christmas.  really, it's much more boring than that.  but i want to remember what toys my kids played with.  they'll want to know.  i mean, really...i remember that i used to love garbage pail kids when i was five!  i was young!  i didn't realize how disgusting those things were. 

i mean seriously though...look at these ones.  hey!  there i am!  so disgusting.  how did these things ever get so popular?  that's what i want to know.  just looking at them gives me nausea.  i kind of (not so secretly) wish that i still had them, just to see all the grossness again.  maybe it's the halloween or danny elfman (who i just found out is married to bridget fonda...did you know this?  where have i been?  oingo boingo was my first concert, by the way.  rock on!) in me coming out.  oh you 80's!  you killed me! 

sienna and calvin had fun studying europe this morning.  found this great world book at ikea!  it is really pretty cool, and sienna has already spouted off a few random international facts to me about certain colored countries.  maybe she'll get to travel some day, and i can live vicariously through her.  just kidding...kind of.

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Heidi said...

My girls are currently enthralled with My Little Pony and Strawberry Shortcake. Nothing new about these toys!! I wonder if my grandchildren will be playing with those little ponies too....