Monday, October 18, 2010


thanks to all you lovelies who patted me on the back telling me it was all going to be alright when i threw a little fit there last week about my blogging woes.  woe, woe is me....indeed!  let's hope i get back into it soon.  here's a slight attempt today.  the photo isn't fresh, but it's only a few weeks old.  not horrible.  it's child number two!  the bug...

...she's been especially difficult lately.  and, especially cute, of course, which only makes her stubbornness a little bit easier to bare.  her prayers lately are just killing's so cute.

"dear heav'ly fah-ther, we thank thee for all the joseph smiths...please bless the sea witches....amen"

can you tell what movie she's a little obsessed with lately?  day and night..."i want to watch ariel mama".  chloe, for the fifteenth time today, we aren't going to watch ariel again.  we already watched her once this morning and once is already more than i can handle.  love you bug.

she really is too much.  saturday night my mom offers to babysit the girls for us so we can go on a real date!  it was heavenly.  so she tells me this awesome story of how chloe locked them all in the girls' room right as the girls were being put to bed.  the best part?  mom had to pee!!, i mean....sorry mom!  she was stuck in there for a little while, tearing the room apart trying to find something to open the door.  much to her dismay i've already packed a large majority of things in there, as well as thrown a lot away.  luckily, she found a small play kitchen knife that she was able to use to escape.  bladder relieved!  chloe just giggled upon being accused of locking the door.  it's actually quite the regular occurence.  every once in a while i'll hear her pounding on her door.  i'll come over and open it for her and she'll laugh and just admit to locking herself in.  she loves closing doors. it drives me nuts.

on a slightly more commerical note, i've submitted her into the babygap photo contest.  i don't know why i do this, because our chances of getting it are so very low, especially considering i forget to vote for her myself, but i did in hopes that some gap executive will see her, not care how few votes she has, and pluck her into the gap modeling world.  if you have a sec, help me out and vote...yeah?  click HERE.  or if she's just not cute for sienna HERE.


Lissy said...

So funny! And very cute - it does help that they're cute when they make you so frustrated. I figure it's a form of survival that we all start out so much cuter when we're young :D That's cool that you're girls are 50's girls this year too! We should totally get together!

Ev said...

Yes, that little one is a rascal. Sure sure thought it was funny that we were stuck in the bedroom. Squirt!