Wednesday, February 16, 2011

glider bluffs

i'm glad that, although we aren't just down the street anymore, we can still visit some of our favorite spots in san diego often.  we headed down as a family a few weeks ago, and amongst our visits, ended up at the torrey pines gliderport.  always a favorite spot to hang out at.  i used to take the girls for drives when they were little to get them to fall asleep.  once they were asleep i usually parked myself out on the bluffs near the gliderport so i could watch the paragliders float around.  the view is spectacular!  i never get tired of it.

so last week we ended up wandering around there, watching paragliders and these huge remote control airplanes that were flying around as well.  the girls loved watching the paragliders fly right over their heads.  we looked for sharks and dolphins in the ocean with no such luck.  we kept our eyes open for squirrels and snakes, no such luck.  

i love this shot of the paraglider from below.  you could call it a butt-shot if you wanted.  i kinda like that.

and below is the scripps pier, la jolla shores and some of la jolla cove. 

san diego is especially green this winter.  so odd, really...though i LOVE it!  wish it were like this every year.  all this rain has been so wonderful.  the pretty wildflowers sprouting all over the place (especially the freeways) is so heart-warming.  i love nature!


Heidi said...

Makes me homesick.

shay said...

Have you ever actually paraglided there? Super fun happy!!! You should try it sometime.